Backing Up User Data on Firefox OS

The FFOS Backup/Restore Group

Portland State University’s Personal computer Science degree culminates in a capstone program that matches teams of students with industry sponsors for a six-month application engineering project. We had the privilege of working with Nash-Keller Media on …

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Teamwork, 1 of the Key Expertise in Software program Engineering, Can Be…

Digital Work in an Analog Planet

Leveraging human prospective holds a lot more guarantee than technologies itself according to NASA

Software program engineering author John R. Fox’s second edition of Digital

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An Update on Web Elements and Firefox

Net Components is an umbrella term for 4 technologies that aim to make UI improvement easier and a lot more modular. It has been in improvement since about 2011: a extremely long time for World wide web requirements!

All the …

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HealthEminds and KleverKid Collaborate to Bring to You High Good quality…

“By way of this forum we believe parents can get instantaneous access to the best parenting experts and seek specialist”, said Ankita Puri, CEO of Healtheminds

Maintaining in mind challenges faced

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Offline Internet Apps on GitHub Pages

Service Workers are a response to the issues of Application Cache, and they’re a potent and elegant way to offline your internet app. But they’re also more complex to implement and keep.

Meanwhile, GitHub Pages is a excellent, easy static …

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eCube Systems Selected by CIOReview as One of the Leading 20 Promising…

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Our DevOps and Developer tools have produced a difference with companies wanting to boost their productivity and modernize their systems.

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration, and management

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No Tough Feelings: The Wait For “Hardboiled Net Design” Is Over

CHAPTER Particulars Portion I

Summary In Obtaining Hardboiled, you’ll understand what it implies to be hardboiled. You’ll discover why it’s essential to constantly re-evaluate concepts such as progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, and you’ll find out the cold, challenging

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Computers can perceive image curves like artists

Picture computers getting in a position to recognize paintings or paint abstract images considerably like humans. Bo Li at Umeå University in Sweden demonstrates a breakthrough notion in the field of laptop vision using curves and lines to represent image …

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How To Create Inspiring Job Descriptions For UX


To attract motivated designers and user researchers, keep your eye on the why. What’s the why? It’s the underlying objective that brings you and your staff with each other. Why the why? Due to the fact if you concentrate …

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Managing the data deluge for national security analysts

Right after a disaster or national tragedy, bits of info typically are found afterward among vast amounts of available data that might have mitigated or even prevented what happened, had they been recognized ahead of time.

In this information age,

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Web Improvement Reading List #113: Anticipatory Design and style, SVG Optimization and Native DOM Selection Tricks


What’s going on in the industry? What new methods have emerged recently? What insights, tools, tips and tricks is the net design community talking about? Anselm Hannemann1 is collecting every thing that popped up over the last week

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