Backing Up User Data on Firefox OS

The FFOS Backup/Restore Group

Portland State University’s Personal computer Science degree culminates in a capstone program that matches teams of students with industry sponsors for a six-month application engineering project. We had the privilege of working with Nash-Keller Media on …

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Organization Intelligence Vendor Yellowfin to Host Information Visualization Greatest…

Yellowfin: Making Business Intelligence straightforward

Making and sharing very best practice information visualizations is the cornerstone of productive enterprise analytics

The 3 Webinars will cater for each key time zone (APAC, EMEA and

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Net Improvement Reading List #139: jQuery three, Web Payment API, And ES6 Tricks

Smashing Conf New York

We use ad-blockers as nicely, you know. We gotta hold those servers operating even though. Did you know that we publish valuable books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. upcoming SmashingConf New York, devoted to

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Exporting An Indie Unity Game to WebVR

WebVR holds the key to the future of VR content access – immediate gratification without any downloads or installs. Or, at least we consider so! We’re creating a multi-platform digital game subscription service known as Jump that delivers native web …

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Animal instruction techniques teach robots new tricks

Researchers at Washington State University are employing concepts from animal instruction to help non-professional customers teach robots how to do desired tasks.

The researchers lately presented their work at the international Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems conference.

As robots become

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Operating Remotely About The Planet: Workspaces To Discover


If you’re a footloose creative soul searching for a more affordable and friendly space than a typical rented or home office, coworking could work for you.

Coworking spaces are popping up in cities all around the world. They allow …

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Humans significantly less most likely to return to an automated advisor when given poor guidance

The ubiquitous Chat Bot popping up on sites asking if you want help has turn into common on a lot of internet sites. We dismiss, we engage, but do we trust the algorithm that is aiding our knowledge? Giving us …

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A Guide To Individual Side Projects


Private side projects are a cornerstone of inventive growth and discovery. Even though they may possibly not usually outcome in economic gain, the long-term positive aspects are usually significantly far more beneficial. Rewards such as personal development, creative exploration …

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&#039Facebooking&#039 your medical professional&#039s appointment

Telemedicine, which enables physicians to communicate, diagnose and even treat their patients remotely is on the rise thanks to advances in info technologies. It makes it possible for healthcare workers to securely monitor individuals in inaccessible parts of the world …

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Developing Dependency Awareness


I’m confident you have heard the proverb, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest hyperlink,” most likely several times. Its written origin dates back to the 18th century, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was considerably, …

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Diginomics Announces Ethereum Programming Course For Digital Currency…

Ethereum Programming Course

“The Ethereum Programming Course is tailored especially to bitcoin sector pros who wish to be at the forefront of the transformative innovation of wise contracts.”

Diginomics has announced the release of the

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