Backing Up User Data on Firefox OS

The FFOS Backup/Restore Group

Portland State University’s Personal computer Science degree culminates in a capstone program that matches teams of students with industry sponsors for a six-month application engineering project. We had the privilege of working with Nash-Keller Media on …


Like all information networks, the networks that connect servers in giant server farms, or servers and workstations in huge organizations, are prone to congestion. When network traffic is heavy, packets of data can get backed up at network routers or …


A few HTML tips

A although ago I wrote an report with some CSS ideas, now it is time to give some polish to our HTML! In this write-up I’ll share some tips and tips about HTML code. Some of this guidance will be …


I Contributed To An Open-Source Editor, And So Can You

A handful of months ago, Jason Grigsby’s post about autocompletion in forms1 produced the rounds. I loved the idea of enabling users to fill in their credit card information by taking a image of their card. What I didn’t …


Social Voucher Reinvents Mobile Buying with New Gaming App
Social Voucher Logo

Social Voucher, the mobile application development organization launched by Inktomi co-founder Gerald C. Parker, has unveiled information of its disruptive new app.

When you can take anything that millions of individuals are undertaking and make it much more entertaining and


#1 Ranked Industrial & Healthcare Laptop Manufacturer,...
Teguar Computers Logo

Teguar Computer systems

“Teguar® has noticed an exciting period of development, which we fully anticipate will continue.”

Charlotte, North Carolina — Founded in 2010, Teguar® offers an array of cutting-edge industrial and healthcare personal computer options


What’s new in Internet Audio?

The Internet Audio API is nonetheless under improvement, which implies there are new strategies and properties becoming added, renamed, shuffled about or simply removed!

In this write-up, we look at what’s occurred since our last update in early 2015, each …